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Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

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An Introduction

Derived from our love for tech, SaaS and recruitment, RaaS was born and has been a pillar of our service offering to our partners. At TRG, RaaS is the preferred method of working with our partners as it allows us to fully immerse ourselves within our partners business to build a truly collaborative partnership and deliver added value.

RaaS enables TRG to become an extended part of our partners business which allows them to concentrate on what makes them stand out from their competition, whilst we take care of our areas of expertise.

Instead of the traditional recruitment model where an external agency is allocated specific roles, TRG become a dedicated resource for our partners business with in-house recruiters working as part of their team. This removes the fee percentage agreement and works on a monthly retainer basis, enabling greater focus for our partners and maximises the alignment of objectives.


We ensure our services are bespoke to meet our partners' needs and improve efficiencies whilst adding value. From increased brand awareness to an improved hiring process, RaaS enables our partners to build a long-term sustainable and high performing recruitment process.

What we offer

By becoming an extended part of our partners business, we get to know what it feels like to live and breathe their business culture, enabling us to ensure the perfect candidate match.

With a vast amount of experience working in recruitment across numerous industries with companies of all sizes, our partners can rest assured they are in capable hands.

Aligned objectives

Cultural understanding

Experience & expertise

TRG operate on a global basis to cater for our clients' market-specific needs.

Everything we do starts with data, which is then applied to our knowledge and experience, to deliver insights and success for our partners.

A key element of hiring for any business and candidate is consistency. Consistency of service, objectives, quality and most importantly, communication.

Candidates feel more comfortable discussing their career aspirations and requirements with an intermediary partner than directly with an employer.

Global reach

Driven by insights

Consistency of service

Mediation & understanding

By sharing a vision, we become aligned ensuring all

recommendations are for the wider benefit of the business.

One team one vision

Access & knowledge

RaaS enables TRG and our partners to build long-term strategies with defined tactics to ensure objectives are achieved. The long-term benefits include constant alignment and clarity of goals.

Our clients are given access to our full team, rather than one or two individuals who might otherwise look after the recruitment process internally.

The Process

Clarification of objectives, route to market and execution to achieve goals

Review of people, culture and the working environment

Creation of strategy and tactics to achieve objectives

TRG operate on a global basis to cater for our clients' market-specific needs. We work a rolling rota schedule to meet client demand.

Initial engagement to gain an in-depth understanding of our partners business and hiring needs

Process Map

TRG operate on a global basis to cater for our clients' market-specific needs. We work a rolling rota schedule to meet client demand.


Access to wider TRG team and resource

Clear and consistent communication

Continual update  meetings to review progress and objectives

RaaS enables us to integrate with your business so we become an extended part of your team.


Think of TRG as part of your wider team who you can call on and utilise as and when required. Whether that’s for team meetings, candidate introductions or simply for a team event, TRG are there when required.

Get in touch today to transform your business and recruitment processes.

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