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​Included in Trusted:

  • Initial briefing with the hiring manager

  • Market assessment review

  • Compliance and RTW checks

  • Allocated search time

  • Assigned recruitment consultant

  • Short-list of candidates

  • Interview coordination

  • Offer management


Everything included in Trusted, plus:

  • Priority allocated search time

  • Passive candidate engagement

  • Expedited recruitment process

  • Consistent brand messaging

  • Targeted advertising campaign

  • Salary benchmarking

  • 1st Stage interview management

  • Weekly update meetings


Trusted and Revolution, plus:

  • Dedicated Senior account manager

  • Access to TRG systems

  • Access to wider TRG team

  • Market insights

  • Competitor analysis

  • Ongoing candidate management

  • Bespoke reporting and update meetings


We are an experienced, agile and dynamic team who are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about our field of expertise.


We collaborate with partners to offer an unrivaled service and experience so you can rely on us as if we're part of your in-house team. 

At Talented Recruitment Group, we believe that it's important to collaborate with our partners to truly understand their business, culture, people and vision. 

From contingent recruitment, dedicated resource and exclusive partnerships, we ensure that our services are bespoke in order to meet our partners needs, while improving efficiencies and adding value. 

Service Offering

Detailed briefing with hiring manager

Compliance & RTW Checks

Allocated recruitment consultant 

Allocated search time

Interview coordination

Management of offer delivery and acceptance

Priority search time allocation

Passive candidate engagement

Expedited recruitment process

Consistent brand messaging

Tailored marketing

Salary benchmarking

First stage interview management by TRG

Reference checks on all offers

Weekly update meetings

Dedicated Senior account manager 24/7

Access to TRG systems and software

Access to the wider TRG team

Market insights and competitor analysis

Ongoing candidate management post placement

Bespoke reporting and update meetings










- Our trusted model allows TRG to become a trusted partner that is based on a more traditional/client relationship, where the use of multi-agencies drives a higher volume of candidates at a higher speed. 

Our collaborative approach in getting to know your business, team and culture is the reason why we continue to outperform in the market - ensuring the candidates that we recommend, meet your requirements and cultural fit. 

- The revolution model saves your company time by having one trusted recruitment point of contact plus streamlined systems and processes. As your exclusive recruitment partner, you will receive our undivided attention and commitment to ensure you hire the best talent on the market. 

We will provide you with the consultants that are aligned tightly to all verticals within their area of expertise. Our revolution model is an agile service that can be used for recruiting candidates at all levels, whether that's individual roles or large volume campaigns. 

- Our growth model is a fully bespoke solution, customised to meet your key business objectives whilst adding value and driving efficiencies. By providing your business with dedicated resource, we extend your recruitment team by having access to the full TRG team, systems, knowledge and more. 

When selecting TRG as your exclusive, dedicated recruitment partner, we become an extended part of your business with the focus being fully aligned and transparent objectives. Our priority is to deliver a seamless, succinct process for your business and candidates.

Contact Us

UK Office

3 St Stephens Court

15 - 17 St Stephens Road



+44 1202 025 723

US Office

950 The Alameda

San Jose



+1 650 262 1478


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