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A fresh approach to recruitment

At TRG, we believe our approach to recruitment is different from your typical recruitment company, so we're here to tell you a little bit more about why we feel we are different and the support you can expect every step of the way. We will discuss who we are and what we stand for, as well as capturing our values and principles that set us apart from a typical recruitment business.

Who Are TRG?

Talented Recruitment Group was launched to improve the process of how recruitment is handled through the eyes of a client and a candidate. The founder of TRG had experienced poor aspects of the recruitment process from both sides, being a candidate and also a client. This inspired the founder to set out and make a change to the process and develop an agency that stands by clear and transparent communication during the highs and lows of the recruitment process.

The team here at Talented Recruitment Group are dedicated to taking the time to get to know both candidates and clients personally. This allows us to foster long-lasting, sustainable partnerships with both individuals and businesses, enabling you to truly find the best match for your current needs, no matter the situation.

We specialise in matching industry-leading professionals with market-leading businesses. We have built our team around proven experience within specific industries to ensure we truly understand our clients and candidates on a personal and professional level.

No matter what level of talent you’re looking for, no matter how niche, or whether you’re after a new challenge, our team is here to help cater to your needs, with a personal touch.

Driven by Our Values

People first

Here at TRG, we understand that a unique, person-centric approach should be applied to recruitment. Taking on a new position is a personal, life-changing experience, and can be one of the most important elements in a candidate's life. We add a personal touch to our recruitment processes and understand the importance of finding the right fit. Each client and candidate is a unique individual, with different qualities, characteristics and needs.

Industry Knowledge

We know that it sounds like a prerequisite for someone to have industry knowledge about the sectors they recruit for but you would be surprised how often this isn't the case. At TRG we believe that to find the best talent an industry has to offer, you have to thoroughly know the industry you're hiring for. This is why our team consists of industry-leading experts who have previously worked in their field of expertise before transitioning into recruitment. This enables our team to engage with both clients and candidates at an in-depth level to ensure the perfect match is made for both parties. We also know where to look and who to speak with when searching for the industry's best talent.


Like Rome, relationships are not built in a day. A strong relationship is built on trust, honesty, integrity and open communication. These are the qualities and principles we stand by with all of our employees and clients. By leading with this philosophy, we ensure longstanding and sustainable relationships whilst staying true to what we stand for and believe in.

In addition to our values, we like to follow some other simple but essential practices:


We clearly communicate during all aspects of the recruitment life-cycle. We understand that a hiring process isn't always seamless and can create a variety of discussions, whether the discussions are positive around placements or the acceptance of offers, through to the less enjoyable discussions of unsuccessful applications or interviews. This clear and concise approach has been adopted since our inception to ensure we are truly living and breathing our company values.

We are aware of the stressful and time-consuming nature of job searching, therefore we lead with strong communication from day one. We ensure candidates and clients are updated frequently, with clear and transparent communication throughout the process. By engaging in this way, we help candidates and clients grow and develop to achieve their long-term objectives.

To achieve our mission of open communication, we rely on the same principles from all of those that we work and partner with. This is why it is a prerequisite for all of our clients and candidates to reflect this if we are to build longstanding, collaborative partnerships.


With our consultancy approach, we help candidates and clients evolve their recruitment approach along their journey. If we feel remunerations, requirements or expectations don't fit with the market or require evolution, we provide market intelligence to find the best solution for everyone involved. By providing market intelligence and insights, we add value to the hiring process for both clients and candidates whilst enabling them to make informed and data-led decisions. This ensures all parties are up to date with the latest market intel and ensures constant evolution for all involved.

So there it is, our fresh approach to recruitment... It's certainly not rocket science but it's delivered in a way to ensure we are all achieving our objectives. We started this approach as a small business in Bournemouth, Dorset and have expanded to the work with global clients and candidates ensuring we're keeping true to our values and providing a world-class service.

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